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Published: 20 Feb 2023

What to Trade as Beginner? Forex, Stocks, Options, Futures?

If you are new to trading, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide selection of instruments and investment products available: forex, stocks, ETFs, options, futures, bonds, commodities...? Which of these are the best to trade as a beginner? This guide looks at the popular instrument types and their advantages and [more...]

Which Stocks to Trade

This page discusses main considerations and some ideas on how to select which stocks to trade. Specialist vs. opportunist approach There are two approaches traders take: Some traders have a constant "basket" of stocks they follow at all times and rarely consider any other stocks. We can call these traders [more...]

Why Are Stocks Riskier than Bonds?

Stocks and bonds are the two basic asset classes (types of investments). This page explains why stocks are generally considered riskier than bonds. You can lose all in either stocks and bonds The common sense understanding of risk is the likelihood of losing part or the whole of our investment. [more...]

Why Are Some Stocks Worth More than Others?

Why does one stock cost $250, while another only $5? What makes stock prices different? This page explains what determines stock prices and why some stocks are worth more than others. Two things that determine stock price The other word commonly used for stocks - shares - better describes what they are: [more...]

Why Does a Stock Go Down on Ex-Dividend Date?

Before the ex-dividend date, the shares include the right for the next dividend payment (they are "cum-dividend"). On and after the ex-dividend date, the shares no longer include this right (they are "ex-dividend"). This is why the share price often (but not always) goes down on ex-dividend date. Before and [more...]

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