Quant Finance Tutorials and Tricks

Alpha Vantage Tutorial (with Python/pandas Examples)

Alpha Vantage is one of the best free data sources for both historical prices and fundamental data. This tutorial shows all you need to know to get started. Getting Alpha Vantage API key To use Alpha Vantage API, you need an API key. Get it by registering on their website. [more...]

Yahoo Finance Options Data Download with Python yfinance

This tutorial creates a short script to download option price quotes from Yahoo Finance, using the yfinance Python module. It explains each step in detail and provides full Python code at the end. Python yfinance module The script uses the yfinance Python module, which scrapes price quotes and other information [more...]

Interactive Brokers Excel API

This page is an overview of the three ways to connect Interactive Brokers data to Excel, comparing their strentghs and weaknesses, which is suitable for what, and basic guidance. IB Excel API options There are three different options for connecting Interactive Brokers to Excel: RTD DDE ActiveX At the moment ( [more...]

Getting Interactive Brokers Statements into a Database

Interactive Brokers provide activity statements in various formats, including PDF or CSV. That said, if you have a large number of transactions, it is better to insert all your IB statements into a database, which you can query as needed. It saves a lot of time. It automates logging of [more...]

Which Stocks to Trade

This page discusses main considerations and some ideas on how to select which stocks to trade. Specialist vs. opportunist approach There are two approaches traders take: Some traders have a constant "basket" of stocks they follow at all times and rarely consider any other stocks. We can call these traders [more...]

Why Are Stocks Riskier than Bonds?

Stocks and bonds are the two basic asset classes (types of investments). This page explains why stocks are generally considered riskier than bonds. You can lose all in either stocks and bonds The common sense understanding of risk is the likelihood of losing part or the whole of our investment. [more...]

Wall Street Sayings and Trading Rules

This page is a collection of the most popular trading sayings, adages, quotes, and rules. While some of them remind us of useful habits, all the rules should be taken with a grain of salt. Most of them are right and profitable in some market conditions and wrong in others. [more...]

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